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Dec 09 2018
Dec 11 2018

Water, energy, food security and health remain in the scientific and policy making spotlight in Africa.

The Evidence Informed Policy Making (EIPM) seminar will train participants to use evidence for policy making by focusing on challenges and interrelations of those fields.

Application and selection

Please apply online outlining your motivation and why you think this training will help you in your current job.

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Dec 03 2018
Dec 07 2018

The SCK•CEN organises an ELINDER G1Training Course on "Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations".The main objective of the training course is to provide the participants with the basic requirements regarding the management of a decommissioning project and to share experience from ongoing decommissioning projects.

Nov 15 2018
Nov 16 2018

The workshop is organised by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's science and knowledge service, in collaboration with the Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd.

The event aims to provide policy makers and innovation practitioners with knowledge and training/practical insights in setting up successful start-up platforms with support programmes strengthening regional/national innovation ecosystems. 

Nov 14 2018
Nov 16 2018

In this course, participants receive a general introduction to

  • methods of identification and global sensitivity analysis,
  • their DYNARE implementation (identification toolbox and global sensitivity analysis toolbox) and
  • their application to Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) macroeconomic models.


The course will be open to a maximum of 30 qualified and selected participants.

Nov 14 2018
Nov 15 2018

The reduction of CO2 emissions from road transport is a political objective of the European Union.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has been supporting the European Commission in the conception, formulation and implementation of relevant EU policies.

The Sustainable Transport Unit of the JRC has organised a dedicated two-day workshop to introduce participants from enlargement and integration (E&I) countries to the two main tools developed by the JRC in the support of policies in the field: VECTO and CO2MPAS.

Nov 13 2018
Nov 16 2018

L'Institut National de Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN) organise un cours ELINDER G3 sur l'"Initiation au démantèlement des installations nucléaires". Cette formation a pour objectif de décrire le processus général du démantèlement et les principaux aspects de la réglementation. Et notamment:
• Identifier les différentes techniques, procédés et méthodologies mis en œuvre.
• Se situer dans les exigences et les contraintes en matière de sûreté, sécurité, environnement et radioprotection.

JRC Week on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards
Nov 05 2018
Nov 09 2018

The JRC Week on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards is an annual five-day event.

Local and international policy and decision makers, academics, think tanks, and practitioners in a wide range of socio-economic fields learn from best practices and showcase their capacity to inform policies through the use of indicator systems that summarise multidimensional concepts from social rights and social trust to innovation and competitiveness.

Oct 23 2018

The JRC-managed Smart Specialisation Platform is organising a workshop on Monitoring for Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) built on the peer-review methodology. It is organised in co-operation with MOSTA (Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre).

Vials of reference materials for the Alzheimer's biomarker Abeta42
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Oct 10 2018
Oct 11 2018
This course provides participants with the theoretical basis for the estimation of measurement uncertainty and establishment of traceability. Measurement uncertainty and traceability are essential for the evaluation of measurement results. Reference materials are key tools for achieving traceability of measurements, proving the accuracy of methods and demonstrating the proficiency of laboratories. This knowledge is applied to the proper selection and use of reference materials.
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Sep 25 2018
Sep 25 2018

This workshop will showcase the main developments of various non-EU countries in the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa in the implementation and/or adaptation of Smart Specialisation approach.

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