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Raw materials

Raw materials are essential to our everyday lives.  Millions of European jobs rely on the availability of raw materials. They feed the industrial sector and all the economic activities downstream. Ensuring the security and the sustainability of the supply of raw materials is essential. The EU’s raw materials policies aim to help raise industry's contribution to EU GDP to around 20% by 2020.

Fiscal policy analysis

Accident prevention

The JRC carries out research aimed at preventing and mitigating industrial accidents and technological accidents due to natural disasters, as well as at improving safety in construction.

Healthcare quality

Our work focusses on many aspects of quality including quality assurance and assessment, certification, benchmarking, management and clinical auditing, external assessment, quality and safety, quality improvement, performance measurement, quality monitoring, standardisation in healthcare, as well as the development and evaluation of evidence-based guidelines.

Human exposure

Assessing human exposure of individuals or populations to environmental factors is an important component and integral part of human health risk assessment.


Developing and running software tools and methods able to organise, store, retrieve and analyse large volumes of biological data is what bioinformatics is all about.


Our on-going work covers a wide spectrum of activities–with two major areas of focus being school-aged children and older citizens. We review state-of-the-art scientific developments in nutrition and their applicability and relevance for public health decision making.

Counterfactual impact evaluation

The JRC's research on counterfactual impact evaluation provides essential insights into whether policy objectives are met and also looks at the resource efficiency of policy, particularly in the areas of employment and economics.

Education and Lifelong Learning

With it's Centre for Research on Education and Lifelong Learning (CRELL), the JRC evaluates and monitors education systems to ensure effective and efficient policy in the area.

Sensitivity analysis, sensitivity auditing and impact assessment

The JRC's work on sensitivity analysis and sensitivity auditing is used to ascertain how model results used in impact assessment and elsewhere depend upon the information fed into them, their structure and underlying assumptions.


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