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ZACHAROF Nikiforos - Georgios
Mar 13 2019
Mar 14 2019

The JRC and DG AGRI are organizing the Special Workshop “10 years of LPIS QA” in Varese on 13 and 14 March 2019.

The workshop aims to enable Member States and its LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System) custodians to perform a good and effective QA analysis and plan/develop appropriate remedial actions for LPIS improvements.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together LPIS responsible and LPISQA technical experts from the MS and the Commission, reflect on a decade's experience and look to the future of LPIS QA.

Policies that specifically address fibre intake are described in Dietary Fibre in this series.

Intakes are based on Global Dietary Database data. (Total intake of whole grains includes breakfast cereals, bread, rice, pasta, biscuits, muffins, tortillas, pancakes etc. A whole grain food is defined as a food with ≥1.0 g of fibre per 10 g of carbohydrate)

Whole grains, as a food group, include whole grains as single foods as well as products that include whole grains as ingredients. For example, one portion (45 g) of wild rice contains 45 g of whole grains. At the same time, one portion (70 g) of whole grain pasta (55%) contains 40 g of whole grains (Swedish National Food Administration 2015).

Values are given per 100 g of raw product. For comparison purposes, the refined counterpart of whole grain flour and wild rice are also included.

The EnRoute project looked at nearly 700 cities and urban areas across the EU.
The EnRoute project looked at nearly 700 cities and urban areas across the EU.
Jan 30 2019

Researchers find considerable variability in access to green spaces across Europe’s cities