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Preparation of hydroxy analogue of Methionine (HMTBa) and calcium salt of HMTBa
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Hydroxy analogue of Methionine (HMTBa)

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Tuesday, 15 November, 2016
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Fra Octazyme C Dry
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Endo-1,4-β-xylanase (; Endo-1,3(4)-β-glucanase (; Endo-1,4-β-glucanase (; Manan-endo-1,4-β-mannosidase (; Pectinase; α-galactosidase (; Protease (; and α-amylase (

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Thursday, 10 November, 2016
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Beans variety in jars
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Feb 22 2017

The JRC, in the context of the European GMOval project, coordinated three inter-laboratory studies for the validation of qualitative methods suitable for screening for the presence of GMOs. The results are presented together with the acceptance parameters used during the in-house validation, the method transferability study and the inter-laboratory validation.

The impact of superficially porous particles and new stationary phase chemistries on the LC-MS determination of mycotoxins in food and feed
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Feb 21 2017

The JRC investigated how new liquid chromatography column technology has impacted the analysis of mycotoxins in food and feed. This work constitutes part of the JRC-hosted European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) for Mycotoxins and aims to support the work of the EU National Reference Laboratories.

Ulrike Felt - Academic Citizenship: What is a rightful place for society in science?
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Mar 09 2017
Mar 09 2017

Over the past two decades we have been witnessing in the European context a growing concern about how societal actors might perceive research and innovation and the degree to which they support both. This has come hand in hand with a rising call for researchers themselves to become more responsive (and thus responsible) towards society and engage in a more direct manner with citizens, their concerns, values and knowledges – i.e. we could describe this as a call for researchers to develop a stronger sense of “academic citizenship.”

Ocean -
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Feb 17 2017

The JRC  released a new seawater reference material certified for its mercury concentration. This certified reference material (CRM) was produced in support of the Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC) and will make the quality assessment of coastal waters more reliable.

The JRC has taken part in the scientific programme of the AAAS annual meeting since 2008. The JRC has taken part in the scientific programme of the AAAS annual meeting since 2008.
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Feb 15 2017
The JRC will showcase its activities in combating nuclear terrorism, spurring policy innovations and strengthening European scientific advisory structures at AAAS 2017.
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