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Nov 15 2018
Nov 16 2018

The workshop is organised by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's science and knowledge service, in collaboration with the Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd.

The event aims to provide policy makers and innovation practitioners with knowledge and training/practical insights in setting up successful start-up platforms with support programmes strengthening regional/national innovation ecosystems. 

ASAP hotspot assessment of 06.08.2018
Aug 06 2018

The July edition of the JRC's Anomaly Hotspots of Agricultural Production (ASAP) global overview assessment shows evidence of a drop in cereal production in several countries in the Middle East and Central Asia due to dry conditions.

The harvest in Southern Africa was completed in July. This region also experienced a mixed crop season, with production problems mainly caused by a prolonged early season dry spell. A special alert provides full details.

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WAGNER Gerhard
JOANNY Geraldine
BREMER Susanne
The EU's Marine Strategy Framework Directive aims to protect more effectively the marine environment across Europe.
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Aug 03 2018

A new European Commission report shows that EU Member States have made considerable efforts to address pressures on the marine environment. Despite this, the measures reported in 2016 are not yet sufficient to achieve good, healthy and productive seas by 2020.

In the report and its annex the Commission makes a number of general and specific recommendations to Member States, guiding them on next steps.

Young corn
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Aug 03 2018

JRC scientists propose most suitable analytical approaches that can serve as reference in the quantification of genetically modified food and feed ingredients and will impact harmonisation in official food control.

According to European legislation, the content of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in a food or feed product has to be expressed as a relative quantity linked to the DNA of the ingredient (biological species).

For instance: GM maize is quantified relative to the total maize content of a product.

The flooding has forced families from their homes and many are still missing.
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Aug 03 2018
Scientists carry out a dam break analysis to assist with emergency response efforts following catastrophic flooding in Attapeu Province in Laos.
Farmers in large parts of Europe are facing exceptionally warm and dry conditions this year
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Aug 03 2018

The European Commission is supporting European farmers in the face of the current extreme drought situations by enabling higher advanced payments and granting more flexibility for farmers to use land that would normally not be used for production, in order to feed their animals, in addition to support under the existing Common Agricultural Policy legislation.

Through proper forest management, trees can have a significant impact on carbon reduction.
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Aug 02 2018
A new climate accounting method finds that forests absorbed more carbon dioxide in the past 5 years than previously thought.
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SALA Serenella
Emission mitigation policies in the agricultural sector need to be carefully designed to ensure global food security
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Aug 01 2018

Climate change can directly exacerbate food insecurity due to crop production-related impacts of, for example, warmer and drier conditions. Efforts to mitigate climate change through comprehensive, economy-wide greenhouse gas emission mitigation policies, however, may also negatively affect food security, due to indirect impacts on prices and supplies of key agricultural commodities.


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