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  1. International technology transfer between China and the rest of the world

    We study the patterns and drivers of international technology transfer to and from China and the rest of the world. Our analysis makes use of patent-based measures of cross-border ownership of inventions. To quantify these technology flows, we use a paten ...

    30 April 2014

  2. European skills pass

    A standardized, pan-European vocational transfer system has been proposed. Its benefits include worker mobility, mutual recognition, harmonization and improvement of education, all of which happen to be pressing issues in the European labour market's ...

    30 April 2014

  3. Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan Roadmap on Education and Training

    In moving forward energy technology innovation, the SET Plan has recognised that one of the key elements for successful implementation at EU level is the availability and mobilisation of appropriately skilled human resources. The energy sector is an evolv ...

    30 April 2014

  4. Danube Innovation Partnership summer school

    17 Sep 2014 to 24 Sep 2014 The summer school will take the form of a structured training course on the basics of technology transfer for approximately 100 participants from Universities and Research Centres in the Danube area. It will be held over a perio ...

    16 September 2014

  5. High-level event on the Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy

    24 Jun 2014 to 25 Jun 2014 The high-level event on "Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy" will bring together personalities of the countries of the Danube Region, of the scientific community and EU policy makers. The event aims at fostering ...

    13 June 2014

  6. The operational and strategic management of TT Office patent portfolios

    17 Jun 2014 Following the feedback and suggestions made at the end of the plenary meeting in Tel Aviv, the TTO Cirlce has tried to trigger activities aimed at exchanging good practices and experiences among the TTO Circle members. To this end a first work ...

    18 June 2014

  7. 7th Meeting of the European TTO Circle

    16 Oct 2014 to 17 Oct 2014 The European TTO Circle is an initiative of the JRC aiming at connecting the technology transfer offices of large European public research organisations (PROs). The Joint Research Centre (JRC), jointly with IMEC and LERU, is org ...

    20 November 2014

  8. Technology transfer- paving the way for advanced manufacturing

    25 Feb 2015 How technology transfer activities can help EU industry and manufacturing SMEs to adopt advanced and clean manufacturing technologies was the main question of today's workshop, organised by the JRC in cooperation with the European Factori ...

    25 February 2015

  9. 20150225-tech-transfer-advanced-manafacturing-programme.pdf

    25 Feb 2015 The European Commission's in-house science service – the Joint Research Centre (JRC) organises a workshop on "Technology transfer: paving the way for advanced manufacturing". Advanced and clean manufacturing is a key driver of t application/pdf attached to:Technology transfer: paving the way for advanced manufacturing

  10. 8th plenary meeting of the European TTO Circle

    18 Jun 2015 to 19 Jun 2015 On the occasion of the Expo Milan 2015, the 8th Plenary Meeting of the European Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) Circle will be organised in Milan (Italy). The JRC is organising this meeting together with the Italian National R ...

    29 April 2015