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  1. On concepts and methods in horizon scanning: lessons from initiating policy dialogues on emerging issues

    Article analysing the use of different horizon scanning approaches and methods as applied in the SESTI project. To better prepare policy and decision makers in today’s complex and inter-dependent environments, FTA methods can play a significant role in en ...

    30 April 2014

  2. Indicators for European Union Policies. Business as usual?

    This paper looks at the role of statistics-based knowledge in the making of EU policy. We highlight shortcomings in the use of statistical indicators made in the course of the Lisbon strategy, ended in 2010. In our opinion the shortcomings are:- The parad ...

    30 April 2014

  3. European Foresight Platform

    EFP European Foresight Platform On this website there are numerous Briefs regarding the foresight and forecasting of different sectors. The EFP project aims at building a global network of networks bringing together different communities and individual pr ...

    30 April 2014