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Oct 03 2018
Oct 04 2018

The Commission launched in June 2017 the European Defence Fund to direct EU funds in support of collaborative defence research and capability development with the Member States. For the very first time, EU funds are being mobilised to support the whole life-cycle of defence product development.

Nov 13 2018
Nov 16 2018

L'Institut National de Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN) organise un cours ELINDER G3 sur l'"Initiation au démantèlement des installations nucléaires". Cette formation a pour objectif de décrire le processus général du démantèlement et les principaux aspects de la réglementation. Et notamment:
• Identifier les différentes techniques, procédés et méthodologies mis en œuvre.
• Se situer dans les exigences et les contraintes en matière de sûreté, sécurité, environnement et radioprotection.

Dec 03 2018
Dec 07 2018

The SCK•CEN organises an ELINDER G1Training Course on "Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations".The main objective of the training course is to provide the participants with the basic requirements regarding the management of a decommissioning project and to share experience from ongoing decommissioning projects.

More favourable weather came too late to significantly improve the yield outlook of drought affected maize crops in central and northern Europe.
©Bettina Baruth
Sep 17 2018

According to the September issue of the JRC MARS Crop monitoring in Europe Bulletin, which was published today, yield forecasts for spring and summer crops have once again been revised slightly downwards at the EU level.

The outlook for sunflowers and grain maize remains above the five-year average.

Drought conditions persisted in central and eastern Germany and western Poland during August and September.

Climate-KIC works to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy
©Thaut Images, Adobe Stock 2018
Sep 14 2018
JRC and Climate-KIC are working together to support innovative climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Uranium isotope amount ratios and uranium mass in uranium microparticles

The Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus as seen through the eyes of schoolchild
Sep 13 2018

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the Global Water Partnership  for the Mediterranean (GWP-Med) have joined forces to address the complex nexus between the water, energy, food and ecosystem sectors in the Mediterranean region.

Oct 24 2018
Oct 26 2018

The Energy Storage Global Conference offers a unique opportunity to industry, researchers and policymakers to exchange views on key issues for the storage sector. Representatives from around the world will come together for three days to discuss the latest developments in energy storage technologies, regulatory and policy development and the future storage market.


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