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By transporting heat and energy, seas and ocean bodies are powerful regulators of the Earth's climate.
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Aug 14 2018

A recent JRC article investigates how regional climate warming is heating the Cold Intermediate Layer (CIL) of the Black Sea. This finding could explain why the Black Sea surface waters have apparently bucked global warming trend, and could have major implications for thermohaline circulation.

Scientists estimate that 53Mha of extra land would be required to cope with rising palm oil demand by 2050
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Aug 14 2018
There are few areas in Africa with a high suitability for oil palm cultivation and a low potential impact on the primate species living there.
Scientists found unprecedented flood risk unless timely adaptation measures are taken.
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Aug 13 2018
Coastal floods could impact up to 3.65 million people every year in Europe by 2100.
On average, 29% of fresh fruit and vegetables purchased by households in the EU is wasted
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Aug 13 2018
About 35.3 kg of fresh fruit and vegetable is wasted per person per year, 14.2 kg of which is avoidable.
Earth observation data is used to monitor agriculture worldwide
©Earth observation data is used to monitor agriculture worldwide
Aug 09 2018

From 17 to 19 April 2018 the JRC hosted the GEOGLAM – CEOS Workshop on Data and Systems Requirements for Operational Agricultural Monitoring, co-organised with DG GROW, GEOGLAM1 and EOFSAC2.

The objective of the workshop was to develop a holistic characterisation of requirements for agricultural monitoring, from data needs to infrastructure and information services, in the GEOGLAM context.

Pastures in large parts of northern Europe are under serious pressure from dry and hot weather conditions.
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Aug 09 2018

The JRC has prepared an update on pasture conditions in Europe, with a particular focus on regions in central and northern EU countries that have experienced exceptionally dry conditions.

The analysis is based on satellite imagery using observations up to 31 July 2018, and compares the results for 2018 with those of the past, since 1999 (the first year of the observations).

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Scientists evaluated the emissions performance of vehicles both in the laboratory and on the road
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Aug 07 2018
The JRC conducts a pilot study on the market surveillance of light-duty vehicles.
JRC scientists co-edited the overview of "Global Climate"
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Aug 07 2018
The planet also experienced record-high greenhouse gas concentrations and sea level rises.


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