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  1. Use of Interactive Plots and Tables for Robust Analysis of International Trade Data

    Article analysing international trade data through a robust approach for the identification of outliers and regression mixtures called Forward Search. The focus is on interactive tools developed to dynamically connect the information which comes from diff ...

    30 April 2014

  2. Methodological Considerations on Regional Sustainability Assessment based on Multicriteria and Sensitivity Analysis

    This paper proposes the use of a non-compensatory multicriteria approach combined with sensitivity analysis for constructing composite indicators of sustainability. An illustrative example on Spanish and selected Mediterranean regions is used. The sensiti ...

    30 April 2014

  3. On the R&D giants' shoulders. Do FDI help to stand on them?

    We investigate the impact of outward FDI on the MNCs' technological leadership, meant as the capacity of entering and remaining among the top R&D world investors. The research hypotheses are formulated by distinguishing FDI in R&D ...

    24 June 2015

  4. ERAWatch Interactive Statistical Tool

    ERAWatch The ERAWatch Interactive Statistical Tool allows comparison of specific indicators within time, space and those sectors where data are available. ERAWatch is the European Commission ...

    15 January 2015

  5. Common standards to improve competitiveness of construction industry

    18 Feb 2008 10 European standards for design of construction works will provide a common approach for the design of buildings and other civil engineering works as of 2010. These "Eurocodes" will boost business in this sector by removing technica ...

    18 February 2008

  6. EIS 2007: Comparative Analysis of Innovation Performance

    14 Feb 2008 The JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC) is supporting the European Commission's efforts to provide a comparative assessment of the innovation performance of EU Member States. With the release of the Europea ...

    31 January 2008

  7. Slovenian Minister of Growth visits JRC Ispra site

    15 Jan 2008 Dr.}iga Turk, Slovenian Minister for Growth, visited the JRC Ispra site on 14/01/2008. With Slovenia currently holding the EU presidency, Dr. Turk talked about the importance of putting "knowledge" and "freedom of movement of kn ...

    15 January 2008

  8. 2nd European Conference on Corporate R&D (CONCORD-2010)

    03 Mar 2010 to 04 Mar 2010 The 2nd European Conference on Corporate R&D (CONCORD-2010), focussing on Corporate R&D – An engine for growth, a challenge for European policy, will be organised by the JRC's Institute for Prospective Studies (IPTS ...

    30 April 2014

  9. TTO Circle- 1st Plenary Meeting

    28 Apr 2011 to 29 Apr 2011 The JRC is co-organising with the European Space Agency (ESA) the first plenary meeting of the TTO Circle Initiative at the premises of ESA in Noordwijk (NL) on the 28,29 April 2011. The TTO (Technology Transfer Offices) Circle ...

    30 April 2014

  10. European TTO CIRCLE- 3rd Plenary Meeting

    26 Apr 2012 to 27 Apr 2012 Connecting Innovation and Research Centres and Laboratories in Europe (CIRCLE) The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is organising, jointly with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) and the Agenzia Nazionale Per le Nuove Tecno ...

    30 April 2014

  11. jrc_20131211_newsrelease_h2020_en.pdf

    11 Dec 2013 The European Commission has adopted the JRC's first Work Programme for 2014-2015 under Horizon 2020, the new EU strategy to boost research and innovation. The programme of the Joint Research Centre, the Commission's own science servi application/pdf attached to:Adoption of first JRC Work Programme under Horizon 2020

  12. Joint JRC-Hungary event examined roots of innovation

    08 Apr 2011 The Hungarian Ministry for National Economy and the National Innovation Office together with the JRC organised a conference entitled " Towards an Open and Competitive Economy: Examining the Roots of Innovation " on 5 April 2011. This ...

    08 April 2011

  13. Call for abstracts- International Conference on Corporate R&D- CONCORD 2011

    24 Feb 2011 The European Commission's Directorates-General Joint Research Centre (JRC) and Research & Innovation invite submissions of abstracts for the Third European Conference on Corporate R&D, CONCORD 2011. The conference will be held on ...

    24 February 2011

  14. JRC analysis significantly contributed to the evaluation of ERA

    25 Sep 2013 The European Commission presented its first European Research Area (ERA) Progress Report this week, a comprehensive analysis of the state of the 'single market' for research. The JRC has significantly contributed to the report and pr ...

    27 September 2013

  15. Europe keeps world leading position in solar panel installations

    30 Sep 2013 Despite a crisis-driven decline in investment, global production of photovoltaic (PV) cells grew by 10% in 2012. Europe remains leader in newly installed capacities with over half (51.7%) of the new worldwide capacity of 30 GW. This brought th ...

    30 September 2013

  16. The impact of excellent science – JRC conference

    16 Oct 2013 How to create impact from excellent science? That was the topic of the scientific conference, "Scientific Goverance: Excellence and Impact", organised by the JRC on Tuesday 15 October. Transforming science into concrete results is on ...

    17 October 2013

  17. Eight metals used in low-carbon energy technologies under risk of shortages

    04 Nov 2013 A new JRC study looking into the supply of raw materials for the manufacture of low-carbon energy technologies found that eight metals were at high risk of shortages. The risk arises from EU dependency on imports, growing demand worldwide and ...

    31 October 2013

  18. Amid mixed results of EU firms in R&D investment, VW tops the global ranking

    18 Nov 2013 The 2,000 top world investors listed in the 2013 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard, increased R&D investments by 6.2% in 2012 compared to the previous year, showing a remarkable resilience in times of economic uncertainty. For th ...

    18 November 2013

  19. VW tops global R&D ranking, but EU companies put in mixed performance

    18 Nov 2013 For the first time since 2004, an EU company- the German carmaker Volkswagen- is the world's largest private sector R&D investor. Volkswagen tops the European Commission's 2013 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard with an ...

    18 November 2013

  20. Updated Regional Competitiveness Index provides guidance to regions

    20 Nov 2013 The 2013 edition of the Regional Competitiveness Index (RCI) has been launched by the JRC, in collaboration with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Regional Policy. The RCI was first published in 2010 and shows that competi ...

    21 November 2013

  21. Adoption of first JRC Work Programme under Horizon 2020

    11 Dec 2013 The European Commission has adopted the JRC's first Work Programme for 2014-2015 under Horizon 2020, the new EU strategy to boost research and innovation. The programme of the Joint Research Centre, the Commission's own science servi ...

    12 December 2013

  22. Over 70% European consumers to have a smart meter for electricity by 2020

    23 Jul 2014 Together with the Directorate General for Energy, the JRC has recently published the first report measuring the progress of smart meters deployment across the EU against the 80% target by 2020. Member States commitments represent to date, a to ...

    23 July 2014

  23. EU companies must boost R&D investment to stay globally competitive

    04 Dec 2014 Investment in research and development by companies based in the EU grew by 2.6% in 2013, despite the unfavourable economic environment. However, this growth has slowed in comparison to the previous year's 6.8%. It is also below the 2013 ...

    04 December 2014

  24. European TTO CIRCLE- 4th Plenary Meeting

    18 Oct 2012 to 19 Oct 2012 The Joint Research Centre (JRC), jointly with Fraunhofer and the Max-Planck Association, Association, is organising the 4th plenary meeting of the TTO Circle network at their premises in Munich (DE) on 18 and 19 October 2012. Th ...

    30 April 2014

  25. Implementation and Use of the Eurocodes in the Candidate and Potential Countries of the EU in the Balkan region

    04 Nov 2014 to 05 Nov 2014 The workshop  “Building capacities for elaboration of NDPs and NA of the Eurocodes in the Balkan region“ is organised within the framework of the JRC Enlargement and Integration Action and intends to foster the implementation of ...

    15 May 2014