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New CRM for contaminants in bovine liver
Feb 19 2019

The JRC developed the new certified reference material ERM-BB185; elements in bovine liver. Certified values are given for a selection of elements that allow control laboratories precise analytical measurements ensuring food safety.

Nanomaterials contain particles that are smaller than 100 millionths of a millimetre
Nanomaterials contain particles that are smaller than 100 millionths of a millimetre
Feb 19 2019

The JRC just released a report clarifying the key concepts and terms used in the European Commission's nanomaterial definition. This will support stakeholders for the correct implementation of legislation making reference to the definition.

The Mediterranean has a very specific balance of nutrients, which are fundamental to marine life.
Feb 19 2019

A recently published JRC-led article presents an innovative way of modelling marine nutrients that better reproduces observed phytoplankton biomass and ecosystem dynamics in productive areas.

The Future of Government 2030+ project final event. The project combines design and foresight approaches with citizen engagement methods, with special focus given to citizens’ insights.
Mar 06 2019

The Future of Government 2030+ project brings citizens to the centre of attention, by opening the dialogue about the preferred models of government in the future.


Online registration (Deadline: 3 March 2019)

ASTM International Standards in Europe
Feb 18 2019

Another ASTM International standard describes the modified total evaporation method for determining uranium isotope abundances by thermal ionization mass spectrometry (C1832).

Sep 17 2019
Sep 19 2019

The JRC, together with the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, University of Washington (US), Bangor University (UK) and DTU Aqua (DK), gives a training course on genetics in support of fisheries and aquaculture management, which is based on theory, application and strategy.

Green hydrogen visual
Feb 18 2019

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), with the support of the Fuel Cell Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU) organised a one-day workshop on 26th June 2018 at the Centre Albert Borschette in Brussels. The title of the workshop was "Green Hydrogen Opportunities in Selected Industrial Processes".

Feb 15 2019

CONCORDi 2019, the bi-annual European conference on corporate R&D and innovation, launches a call for papers on issues related to the economics and policy of corporate R&D and innovation.

Call for papers CONCORDI 2019

CONCORDi 2019 welcomes papers on two main core themes:

  1. Innovation for structural change and industrial transformation

Examples of specific topics: