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  1. Promoting healthy food and drink choices in school-age children

    01 Jun 2016 Proper nutrition at school helps ensuring academic performance and teaches healthy diet behaviours in the long run. Adequate fruit and vegetable intake as well as water being the beverage of choice are cornerstones of proper nutrition. But whi ...

    01 June 2016

  2. JRC Open Day 2016

    28 May 2016 English Italian Il prossimo 28 Maggio, la sede di Ispra (VA) del Centro Comune di Ricerca (JRC) della Commissione europea aprirà ancora una volta le sue porte al pubblico in occasione dell'Open Day, che per quest'occasione avrà come ...

    25 May 2016

  3. jrc-ispra-openday-2016-map-programme_en.pdf

    28 May 2016 English Italian Il prossimo 28 Maggio, la sede di Ispra (VA) del Centro Comune di Ricerca (JRC) della Commissione europea aprirà ancora una volta le sue porte al pubblico in occasione dell'Open Day, che per quest'occasione avrà come application/pdf attached to:JRC Open Day 2016

  4. jrc-ispra-openday-2016-map-programme_it.pdf

    28 May 2016 English Italian Il prossimo 28 Maggio, la sede di Ispra (VA) del Centro Comune di Ricerca (JRC) della Commissione europea aprirà ancora una volta le sue porte al pubblico in occasione dell'Open Day, che per quest'occasione avrà come application/pdf attached to:JRC Open Day 2016

  5. Food Contact Materials: Working together for safety and innovation in Europe

    30 Sep 2015 The Ministry of Health in Luxembourg is organising a Food Contact Materials conference on the 30 th September in Luxembourg-City as part of its Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference is bringing together different repr ...

    06 August 2015

  6. Launch of new Web Hub for European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer

    04 Dec 2015 The European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC) will ensure and harmonise the quality of breast cancer services across European countries. It will apply scientific evidence for guidelines on care provision and support the implement ...

    04 December 2015

  7. European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Energy Sector (EHRO-N)

    The European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Sector (EHRO-N) was established in 2011, in the framework of the EURATOM treaty, to determine the situation of nuclear-educated Human Resources, skills and competences in Europe, assess the trends a ...

    02 September 2015

  8. Accident prevention

    In the last years Europe witnessed a marked increase in the number and severity of both natural and man-made disasters. Single chemical accident releases involving dangerous substances in chemical installations, petrochemical and oil refineries continue t ...

    30 April 2014

  9. Radioactive waste management (E-TraCK-RWM)

    Public participation in radioactive waste management (RWM) constitutes the first project of the Energy- Transparency Centre of Knowledge (E-TRACK). Given the legally binding requirements for transparency of the Council Directive 2011/70/EURATOM on spent f ...

    17 September 2015

  10. Governance, Public sector Innovation and Social Change

    Governance, Public sector Innovation and Social Change (GISC) research area is focusing on investigating the socio-economic impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that contribute to address fundamental societal challenges, such as the ...

    05 July 2016

  11. Digital Single Market, Platforms and Copyright

    Online services trade in the EU Digital Single Market The creation of a borderless Single Market for trade in goods, services, capital and labour has been a major objective ever since the start of the EU. This objective has been extended to online markets ...

    02 May 2016

  12. ICT R&D and Innovation

    ICT-related innovation represents between 17% and 26% of total innovative output in the EU. With its annual R&D expenditure of €27 Bn (2009), the ICT industry represents 17% of total European Business Expenditure in Research and Development (BERD). Th ...

    07 June 2016

  13. Economic, environmental and social effects of globalisation

    EU Exports to the world: effects on employment and income  View all data per country on the interactive map The JRC provides scientific policy support to DG Trade by performing Input-Output analysis oriented to quantify the numbers of jobs and value added ...

    23 June 2015

  14. Energy- Transparency Centre of Knowledge (E-TRACK)

    The 'Energy- Transparency Centre of Knowledge' (E-TRACK) is a joint initiative agreed between the Directorate General for Energy (DG ENER) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) for the promotion of public participation in the implementation of ene ...

    05 May 2015

  15. Science and technology studies

    As the EU relies on science, technology and innovation to secure its present and develop its future, reflecting on and anticipating societal impacts arising from current narratives embodied in EU policy is essential to ensure trust among citizens. Preside ...

    20 April 2015

  16. Ocean Colour: Essential climate variables

    Ocean colour remote sensing primarily aims to derive the spectrum of marine surface reflectance from satellite observations. In turn, marine reflectance can be used to determine inherent optical properties (absorption and back-scattering coefficients) and ...

    20 March 2015

  17. Security of the supply chain

    Today in the world millions of shipping containers constantly travel and cross national borders. Cargo containers are considered as a weak link in the supply chain as they can be potentially exploited to defraud customs, introduce illicit cargo and breach ...

    25 February 2016

  18. Photovoltaics

    Photovoltaic electricity is the renewable energy technology with the largest scope for cost reduction and efficiency gains. It is expected to make a significant contribution to achieving EU's goals for a low carbon energy system. JRC activities inclu ...

    02 September 2015

  19. Healthcare quality

    Healthcare quality is the extent to which health services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes. Care should be evidence-based and provided in a technically and culturally competent manner with good communication ...

    29 June 2016

  20. Human exposure

    A person is exposed to many environmental factors within his/her local environment: chemical emissions from consumer products (particles, air pollutants), environmental noise, molds etc. These chemical, physical, and biological factors play an important r ...

    29 June 2016

  21. Bioinformatics

    Developing and running software tools and methods able to organise, store, retrieve and analyse large volumes of biological data is what bioinformatics is all about. At the JRC, we apply bioinformatics to genetic data, i.e. to DNA sequences, for the detec ...

    29 June 2016

  22. Food contact materials

    What are food contact materials? Food contact materials comprise all materials and articles that come or are intended to come in contact with food, e.g. food packaging materials, kitchen utensils, tableware and food processing equipment. They can be made ...

    29 June 2016

  23. Measuring research and innovation

    Research and innovation are crucial in bringing about a return to competitiveness for Europe. More than simply overcoming the current crisis, the European Commission is committed to building a stable economy for the future based on smart sustainable growt ...

    01 September 2015

  24. Nutrition

    Eating habits can go a long way towards ensuring good health. Low consumption of fruits, vegetables or fibre, and excess intakes of salt, sugars, and trans and saturated fats are among the top contributors to death and disability caused by non-communicabl ...

    29 June 2016

  25. Counterfactual impact evaluation

    In its simplest form, counterfactual impact evaluation (CIE) is a method of comparison which involves comparing the outcomes of interest of those having benefitted from a policy or programme (the “treated group”) with those of a group similar in all respe ...

    28 July 2014