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Mar 29 2017
JRC scientists investigated critical steps in the indirect gas chromatographic mass spectrometric determination of fatty acid esters of monochloropropanediols (MCPDEs) and of glycidol (GEs) in various food products including edible oils and fats.
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Mar 20 2017
JRC scientists compared different techniques for the extraction of heavy metals from sewage sludge, the latter being a potential risk to the environment. This work was related to the development of a new sewage sludge certified reference material.
CRM for calibration of Ko neutron activation analysis, ERM-EB530
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Mar 21 2017

In close collaboration with the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN), JRC scientists assessed the reliability of different calibration standards for neutron activation analysis. The study compared a newly released certified reference material (CRM) with five other (existing ones) to demonstrate that all give equivalent results.

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Mar 22 2017
JRC scientists contributed to a proposal by a European expert group to reduce the number of animal testing for the safety assessment of nanomaterials.
Soybean plantation
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Mar 23 2017
In close collaboration with JRC scientists, a network of German food safety authorities developed a novel method able to efficiently detect six different genetically modified soybean lines that were known, until now, to be difficult to monitor.
Human serum albumin protein
Mar 28 2017
JRC scientists – in close collaboration with researchers from the University of Lyon and Diamond Light Source (Synchtron Radiation Faclity, UK) – have demonstrated that gold nanoparticles significantly protect human serum albumin from denaturation when exposed to "stressing" conditions. This stabilising effect could be beneficial for biotechnology applications used in the medical field.
wind turbine The JRC Wind Energy Status Report 2016 presents key data on global market developments, technology trends and EU support to wind energy
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Mar 28 2017
The JRC Wind Energy Status Report 2016 presents key data on global market developments, technology trends and EU support to wind energy. The EU remains a global leader with 140GW wind energy capacity supplying our grid, representing about a third of world's wind power.
big wave 2016 JRC Ocean status report focuses on technological progress in ocean energy, market creation, and policy instruments available at European and national level.
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Mar 28 2017
Tidal stream and wave energy technologies have showed considerable technological progress in 2016, culminated with the creation of the first ocean energy farms. Both technologies are also gathering increasing support to overcome technological and financial barriers for deployment in the future European energy system.
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In most of Europe, winter cereals have recovered well from winter dormancy
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Mar 28 2017
The latest JRC MARS Crop monitoring bulletins for Europe and the European neighbourhood (part of the global outlook 2017 series covering North Africa and, for the first time, Turkey and Ukraine) were published yesterday, 27 March 2017.