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Sep 24 2018
Sep 27 2018

Sustaining the Blue Economy and Food Security: The JRC engages with the scientific community to pave the way towards an ecosystem approach to marine aquaculture.

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Annual Science Conference 2018 will take place from the 24-27 September 2018 in Hamburg, Germany.

May 28 2018
May 30 2018

The 2018 JRC workshop on checks and management of agricultural land in the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) will be organised from Monday 28 May (2.00 PM) to Wednesday 30 May (4.00 PM) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The workshop is organised by the JRC's Food Security Unit, D5, and  co-hosted by the Lithuanian Agricultural Information and Rural Business Centre (VIC).

We kindly ask you to reserve these days in your calendar!

Feb 13 2018
The world’s largest data platform on cities reveals the planet is even more urbanised than we thought.
Feb 20 2018
Scientists reveal how recent vegetation cover changes have ultimately made the planet warmer.
May 11 2017

This workshop will gather policy and data experts in order to discuss an accurate representation of domestic support for economic modelling purpose, especially within the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) database. It is expected that participants will share expertise on new features, sources and methodologies. The objective of the meeting is to learn from existing experience on global domestic support database together with GTAP database constraints.

Feb 20 2018

Honey is highly valued for its taste, aroma, naturalness, and its content of bio-actives. Unfortunately, not all honey on the market is genuine.

The JRC organised a Round Table Discussion to identify ways of detecting fraud in the honey supply chain and to find consensus on the best approaches to ensure authenticity of this important agricultural product.

Honey is a natural product which has been valued for its sweetening properties since ancient times and has a long history of medicinal use.

Feb 19 2018

According to the February issue of the JRC MARS Crop monitoring Bulletin, which was published today, the low-temperature acclimatisation of winter cereals remains weak in large parts of Europe as a consequence of the predominantly mild conditions.

Oct 25 2017
Addis Ababa

Workshop organised by the Economics of Agriculture Unit of the Joint Research Centre (JRC Seville) with the support of the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) and the Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA).


The water-power nexus of the Iberian Peninsula power system: WATERFLEX project
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KAVVADIAS Konstantinos
Mar 08 2018

The JRC-managed Smart Specialisation Platform is organising a Peer eXchange and Learning (PXL) workshop on Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) aimed at regional and national authorities.

The PXL exercise will focus on the operationalisation of the EDP process during the implementation of research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3).