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  1. Training on the use of the Eurocodes

    The JRC is organising training workshops with worked examples in order to transfer background knowledge and expertise of Eurocode writers to potential trainers at national level and to Eurocode users. The workshops and related training material contribute ...

    14 January 2015

  2. EUFRAT- European facility for nuclear reaction and decay data measurements

    EUFRAT offers to external users researchers from the Member states and 3rd countries experimental possibilities at the JRC-IRMM nuclear facilities: the neutron time-of-flight facility GELINA, the Van de Graaff accelerator, the radionuclide metrology labor ...

    02 June 2014

  3. TrainMiC

    The vision of TrainMiC ® is to improve the quality of analytical results by promoting and providing a European-wide, harmonised training in Metrology in Chemistry via a network of national providers sharing resources (materials, training systems). In this ...

    07 May 2014

  4. Europe and metrology in Turkey (EMIT)- Completed

    Improving chemical and ionising radiation metrology in Turkey. Project The three-year project (01/10/2009 – 30/09/2012)  funded by the European Union under the instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA) aimed to enhance the measurement capacity for che ...

    30 April 2014

  5. Euromaster- Measurement Science in Chemistry

    The programme is tailored to meet the needs of employers, and the graduates are primed to apply their knowledge on the job and deliver real benefits for their employer. The JRC was instrumental in bringing together the consortium of universities. The cont ...

    06 May 2014

  6. Course on Accelerators and neutron time-of-flight experiments

    The JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM), located in Geel, Belgium is equipped with a unique facility, called GELINA, which is used for the measurement of high-resolution neutron cross-section data for innovative nuclear reactors ...

    30 April 2014

  7. Nuclear Resonance Analyis School

    Neutron-induced nuclear reactions are important in a wide range of applications ranging from stellar nucleosynthesis, symmetry breaking effects in compound nuclei, the investigation of nuclear level densities, to applications of nuclear technology, includ ...

    30 April 2014

  8. ESARDA course on nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation

    ESARDA, the European Safeguards Research and Development Association, is comprised of European organisations actively involved in the Research and Development of Nuclear Safeguards. The ESARDA network includes national regulatory authorities, operators of ...

    30 April 2014

  9. Course on Accelerators and neutron measurements

    The JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM), located in Geel, Belgium is equipped with a unique scientific infrastructure for highly accurate neutron cross-section measurements. It is a combination of two accelerator facilities: a 15 ...

    30 April 2014