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  1. Economic and Monetary Union

    Deepening the Economic and Monetary Union after the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008 remains one of the European Commission's key priorities. The JRC's scientific approach contributes to achieving this goal. With its modelling expert ...

    06 July 2015

  2. Environment and climate change

    Protection of the environment for future generations and efforts to limit the impacts of climate change are of the utmost importance in European and world policy. The international community has agreed that global warming should be kept below 2ºC compared ...

    04 April 2016

  3. Health and consumer protection

    The JRC provides scientific and technical support to EU policies on food, consumer products, chemicals and public health. With the aim of protecting general interests and health of European citizens, our scientists assess selected consumer products, as we ...

    19 January 2015

  4. Information Society

    The internet and digital technologies are transforming our world. It is a Commission priority to make the EU's single market fit for the digital age. The JRC supports the European Commission's agenda by providing evidence which supports policy m ...

    03 June 2015

  5. Innovation and growth

    Research and innovation are acknowledged to play a key role in creating jobs and boosting growth, which is a top priority for the European Commission. To address the challenges and opportunities facing Europe, innovation has been placed at the core of the ...

    06 July 2015

  6. Standards

    Standards stimulate and enable innovation and competiveness in Europe, and are a key objective of the EU-US Free Trade Agreement. Industry needs framework conditions which are the basis on which to invest, innovate and gain global market share in an incre ...

    06 July 2015

  7. Nuclear safety and security

    Within the Euratom programme, the JRC provides technical and scientific support to EU policies in nuclear safety, security and radiation protection, and carries out education, training and information activities in the field. The EU Euratom programme supp ...

    19 January 2015

  8. Safety and Security

    The JRC provides European policy makers with scientific and technological advice on safety, security and stability within the EU and beyond. Research, analysis and in-house developed tools support EU policies on border security, including maritime borders ...

    06 July 2015

  9. Energy and transport

    Research in energy and transport areas is vital to ensure a sustainable future of our planet in general and a low-carbon economy in particular. The aim of research in these fields is to support the European Commission's Energy Union strategy to make ...

    06 July 2015

  10. Agriculture and food security

    To meet the needs of the world's growing population and taking into account changing consumption patterns, natural resources scarcity and the impact of climate change, food production must be increased in an economically, environmentally, and sociall ...

    06 June 2015