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Scientific tools & databases

The range of work carried out at the JRC includes the

  • compilation of databases
  • development of software and modelling tools

On the basis of our open data principles we publish tools and databases with clear descriptions for each entry here on the Science Hub.

The tools and databases are categorised by name and acronym, but can be filtered by research area, keyword and JRC institute responsible for the coordination of the particular entry. 

To search specific datasets or collections, the JRC Data Catalogue opens access to our data.

The freely accessible Europe Media Monitor (EMM) is a fully automatic system that analyses both traditional and social media. It gathers and aggregates about 300,000 news articles per day from news portals world-wide in up to 70 languages.

Collaborating DGs: 
DG Communication

On this website there are numerous Briefs regarding the foresight and forecasting of different sectors. The EFP project aims at building a global network of networks bringing together different communities and individual professionals to share their knowledge about foresight, forecasting and other future studies methods.


The EIPE (European ICT Poles of Excellence) Composite Indicator brings together 42 indicators to evaluate in all EU regions (1303 

Collaborating DGs: 
DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology

The European reference Life Cycle Database (ECLD) comprises Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data from front-running EU-level business associations and other sources for key materials, energy carriers, transport, and waste management. The respective data sets are officially provided and approved by the named industry association.


The JRC Raw Materials Information System provides a structured repository of information on raw materials.

Collaborating DGs: 
European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) screenshot

The Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) is an initiative of the European Commission to monitor and analyse research and innovation developments at country and EU levels to support better policy making in Europe.

Collaborating DGs: 
DG Research and Innovation

RHOMOLO is the spatial computable general equilibrium model of the European Commission focusing on EU regions developed by the JRC's Territorial Data Analysis and Modelling team in collaboration with DG REGIO

Collaborating DGs: 
Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs
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Tools for Innovation Monitoring (TIM) is an analytics tool that supports policy-making in the European Institutions in the field of innovation and technological development. Overall, TIM aims at giving a better understanding of the dynamic of innovation with the view to proactively design policies that are more conducive to innovation.

Urban Data Platform Screenshot

The Urban Data Platform is a joint initiative of the DG JRC and DG Regional and Urban Policy. It provides an access point to exchange information on the status and trends of European cities and regions.

It also aims to aid decision makers, policy analysists and other stakeholders:

Collaborating DGs: 
DG Regional and Urban Policy