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Scientific tools & databases

The range of work carried out at the JRC includes the

  • compilation of databases
  • development of software and modelling tools

On the basis of our open data principles we publish tools and databases with clear descriptions for each entry here on the Science Hub.

The tools and databases are categorised by name and acronym, but can be filtered by research area, keyword and JRC institute responsible for the coordination of the particular entry. 

To search specific datasets or collections, the JRC Data Catalogue opens access to our data.

Cocoa butter calculation (CoCal) toolboxes

The CoCal toolboxes are standardised databases with information about the composition of cocoa butters, cocoa butter equivalents and more than 4000 mixtures thereof (CoCal 1), while CoCal 2 has a information about the composition of a wide range of milk fat samples and more than 900 mixtures with other chocolate fats. Both toolboxes were established in order to facilitate the assessment of compliance of chocolate products with the labelling provisions defined by the Chocolate Directive (2000/36/EC). This directive allows the addition of up to 5% of vegetable fats other than cocoa butter.


Database of tests performed at the European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA). Results of test campaigns are available for authorised users to download.

ELSA Database

Three major European reference materials producers have combined forces to produce a brand new standard in reference materials to ensure reliability and comparability of the results of chemical analysis.

ODIN - Engineering databases. Including the materials database (MatDB), Hiad database (Hiad-DB), Nesshy database (Nesshy-DB), High Temperature Reactor-Fuel database (HTR-Fuel-DB), HTR-Graphite database (HTR-Graphite-DB).
ODIN-Engineering databases

Database containing all of IRMM's reference materials, complete with certified values, certificates of analysis, certification reports, safety and origin certificates, prices and storage location for each individual bottle. This database is linked to an application that allows searching and browsing for reference materials online and ordering the suitable materials online.