Scientific tools & databases

The range of work carried out at the JRC also includes the compilation of a large number of databases in addition to the development of software and modelling tools. These resources are either available to all members of the public or to specific research groups, providing assistance to scientists in carrying out their work.

The objective of this directory is to allow easy navigation through the available tools and databases, providing clear descriptions for each entry.

The tools and databases are categorised by name and acronym, but can be filtered by research area, keyword and JRC institute responsible for the coordination of the particular entry. 

  1. The data portal for spatial data on terrestrial ecosystem modelling (agriculture, forestry and other land uses, AFOLU) is currently offline due to technical reasons.
    Please find below a full list of available datasets.

  2. The ACP Environmental Observatory brings together a broad range of data and information to support Commission services and stakeholders in the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) Region -

    Acronym: ACP Observatory
    Collaborating DGs: DEVCO
  3. The JRC MARS bulletins offer in a near real time and in an operational context analyses and information on crop growth conditions and yield forecast at EU28 level and neighbouring countries like Ukraine, Black Sea area and Maghreb.

    Acronym: JRC MARS Bulletins
  4. Here you will find documentation, articles, events and general information about the Mars Crop Yield Forecasting System (MCYFS).

    Acronym: AGRI4CAST MCYFS Wiki
    Collaborating DGs: DG Agriculture and Rural Development
  5. In compliance with the Commission policy, gridded meteorological data sets, produced by AGRI4CAST, are available to the scientific community.

    Collaborating DGs: DG Agriculture and Rural Development
  6. This ImageServer of Agri4Cast is the online portal for satellite remote sensing of vegetation state parameters.

    Acronym: Agri4Cast IS
    Collaborating DGs: DG Agriculture and Rural Development, DG Environment
  7. AirMonTech is an EU FP7 project that compiles information to harmonise current air pollution monitoring techniques and to advise on future monitoring technologies and strategy. It collects existing information on current and future air quality (AQ) monitors.

    Acronym: AirMonTech
  8. AnisView is an educational software to visualize the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) using one of the two radiative transfer models RPV and MRPV.  AnisView has the following features: Graphic display modes: Geometry: an interactive mode to visualize the user-driven ill

    Acronym: AnisView
  9. The a4a method facilitates the estimation of the current fish stocks and the prediction of their future status under alternative scenarios.

    Acronym: Assessment for All
    Collaborating DGs: DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
  10. The Atmosphere, Biosphere, Climate - Integrated Station (ABC-IS), provides datasets.

    Acronym: ABC-IS