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The RHOMOLO model

RHOMOLO is the spatial computable general equilibrium model of the European Commission focusing on EU regions developed by the JRC's Regional Economic Modelling team in collaboration with DG REGIO

The current version of RHOMOLO (V3) covers 267 NUTS2 regions of the EU Member States and the UK. It is well-suited for analysing policies related to human capital, transport infrastructures, and R&D and innovation.

RHOMOLO is being used extensively for policy impact assessments of the European Structural and Investment Funds such as the ERDF and the ESF, and it is used together with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the evaluation of the macroeconomic impact of the EIB group (here's the first study on it published in July 2018). Starting from 2018, the analyses carried out by the Regional Economic Modelling team are published in the JRC Working Papers series on Territorial Modelling.

A web interface has been developed which allows users to execute a set of policy experiments using a simplified version of the model. For more information about the model and technical documentation, please consult the RHOMOLO homepage.