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The JRC-EU-TIMES model

A scientific tool for assessing the long-term role of energy technologies

What does it do?

  • It aims to analyse the role of energy technologies and their interaction for meeting European energy and climate change policy targets.

  • It represents the energy system of each EU Member State and neighbouring countries.

  • It produces projections (or scenarios) of the EU energy system showing its evolution up to 2060 under different sets of specific technology and policy assumptions and constraints.

The main role of JRC-EU-TIMES is the anticipation and evaluation of technology policy. The baseline scenario of JRC-EU-TIMES is always aligned to the latest EU reference scenario. The model can be used to assess which technological improvements are needed to make technologies competitive under various low-carbon energy scenarios.

The full JRC-EU-TIMES is available online:

The Zenodo ZIP file (a few clicks away) contains:

  • A synchronised model version of the full JRC-EU-TIMES with 3 prepared scenarios
  • A Readme folder with key explanations such as rights, licensing and software needs
  • A folder with all publications related to JRC-EU-TIMES

JRC-EU-TIMES is linked to JRC-IDEES (power and CHP), ENSPRESO and via a parametrisation also with EMHIRES that are all available on

More information on the TIMES family of model can be found on the IEA Energy Technology website.