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Index for Risk Management - INFORM

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Many different actors are involved in crisis prevention, preparedness and response – from Governments to international agencies, development partners, civil society and the private sector. Together, they will be more effective if they have a common and shared way to help understand crisis risk.

INFORM is a way to measure the risk of humanitarian crises and help better prevent, mitigate and prepare for them. It is a risk index that identifies where crises requiring international assistance may occur and analyses that risk so it can be better managed by everyone.

INFORM is the first global, objective and transparent tool for understanding the risk of humanitarian crises. INFORM is open to everyone and supported by most major humanitarian organisations. It is based on risk concepts published in scientific literature. While INFORM is currently a global model, its methodology is flexible. It can be used at sub-national level and with a focus on specific issues.

/jrc/en/video/introducing-informIntroducing INFORM

INFORM is a collaborative project of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) and the JRC.