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iMAP – integrated Modelling Platform for Agro-economic Commodity and Policy Analysis

iMAP is a policy support-oriented platform that disposes of a number of partial equilibrium (AGLINK-COSIMO, CAPRI, AGMEMOD) and computable general equilibrium (MAGNET, GLOBE, RegEU27) models. Operational since 2006, iMAP (summary report) is hosted by the JRC and cooperating closely with DG Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) as well as many academic and international research institutions. All individual components of iMAP are well-established economic models with a long record of applications in research and policy support.


The models are used in stand-alone mode or in combination, so as to address a broad range of topics linked to the economic assessment of the agricultural and rural development policies, as well as those concerning related topics such as trade, energy, environment, and climate change.


The starting point and benchmark for the assessment of policies is the preparation of the yearly outlook and uncertainty analysis for EU agricultural markets in the next 10 years (baseline), jointly prepared by DG AGRI and JRC. With its stochastic analysis tools, the iMAP team contributes also to OECD/FAO global market outlook.


iMAP is engaged in long-term activities to consolidate agro-economic and trade data to ensure that they are permanently available, updated and comparable. With an external partner, DataM has been developed, a database management tool to simplify the daily data work of analysts and modellers in agriculture, either to feed economic models with data, to check data or to analyse results