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Happy Onlife - a game and toolkit to build and develop safety and knowledge on Internet use, overuse and abuse

Happy Onlife is a toolkit, including a game, for children, parents and teachers, aimed at raising awareness of the risks and opportunities of internet and promoting the best online practices. The game and toolkit are proposed as work in progress to be extended with the contributions of all stakeholders applying innovative research methods for formal, informal and participatory education in the use of digital technologies with children aged between 8 and 12.


The Happy Onlife game

By playing with the Happy Onlife game, children and adults can:

  • reflect and build  together expertise in Internet safety and best practices for use and mediation
  • become digital aware citizens who assess online risks and opportunities
  • participate actively in research while giving their feedback on the Happy Onlife toolkit.

The game is a board game inspired by the traditional “Snakes and Ladder game”, combined with quiz questions on the subject. Quiz questions on the use of internet, social networks, online-games are designed to prompt discussion and allow the moderator to drive the players towards a responsible and balanced way of using digital media. In addition to the paper version, the game is available as an online application.

Moreover, the source code of the Happy Onlife application has been released as open source under EUPL 1.1 – European Public licence. This initiative aims at offering the current JRC application to interested parties for reuse and maximization of its societal impact.

You can remix, tweak, and build upon from the source code freely available at

For more information visit the Happy Onlife website


The Happy Onlife project booklet

In addition to the game, the toolkit comprises a project booklet with a collection of 17 educational activities promoting shared experiences of the digital world among teachers, parents and children between 8 and 12 years. This could provide initial ideas and projects to participate to the Safer Internet Day.


The full paper version of Happy Onlife, available in English and Italian, can be freely downloaded from the right menu in this page. Just print it, cut the cards and play!

Schools can also request hard copies by contacting


The Happy Onlife digital application

Complementary to the paper version, the game is available in Dutch, French, English, Italian and Spanish as an online application based on Unity 3D and running in Firefox browser


The Happy Onlife mobile application

The mobile application is available in Dutch, French, English, Italian and Spanish and can be downloaded from: