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Global Human Settlement Layer

The main objectives of the Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL) are: 1) To build a globally-consistent, multi-scale and detailed representation of built-up areas with free public access through standard protocols – nominal target information production scales are 1:10K and 1:50K. 1:500K and other more general scales are derived by aggregation. 2) To design and maintain a system/platform/infrastructure supporting the GHSL production and in particular i) supporting massive image information extraction from VHR/HR image data repositories ii) supporting global validation exercises, iii) supporting integration with other relevant sources and iv) supporting dissemination of free GHSL information in specific use communities. The GHSL targets international scientific and decision-maker communities addressing regional policies, urbanisation and crisis/disaster management.

/jrc/en/video/global-human-settlement-layerMapping human settlements from space