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European ICT Poles of Excellence Composite Indicator (Interactive web visualization)

The EIPE (European ICT Poles of Excellence) Composite Indicator brings together 42 indicators to evaluate in all EU regions (1303 NUTS3 regions)  three elements (business activity, R&D and Innovation in the ICT sector) on the basis of their intensity (e.g. business turnover, turnover growth, number of employees), their internationalisation (e.g. how many international partners businesses/research centres/universities have) and networking (what is the role of each region in networks: which of them are hubs and connect directly to many partners, which of them have links that only allow few exchanges). 

An interactive web visualization tool allows consulting how each of Europe's regions scored. 

Several data sources and databases were used to elaborate the indicators and measurements: University rankings, citation indexes, information on European research projects' collaborations, how many global top R&D investor companies in ICTs are present in each region, venture capital funding or employment data and companies' turn
over information.
The European ICT Poles of Excellence (EIPE) Project aims at setting the general conceptual and methodological conditions for defining, identifying, analysing and monitoring the existence and progress of current and future poles of excellence.