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ClearingHouse on Operating Experience Feedback

Screenshot CH-OEF database

The CH-OEF information system is a web-tool aimed to collect and analyse information on operating events occurred at Nuclear Power Plants, as well as to gather and file the feedbacks to these operating events in a systematic way. The main purpose of this tool is to further develop communication, cooperation and sharing of operating experience and event reporting amongst the European Nuclear Regulatory Authorities participating in the ClearingHouse network.

The core content of CH-OEF is a database containing information about operating incidents and events occurred in nuclear power plants. These Operating Experience Feedback (OEF) records are conected to another database containing the most relevant technical aspects of all Nuclear Power Plants (NPP); and to a document repository containing technical reports related to the topic. All this information is only available in the private area of the information system requiring authentication.

The value of this information system consists in its contribution for understanding the causes of the events occurred in Nuclear Power Plants and defining the related lessons learned that would avoid their recurrence.