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DataM - Data on Agriculture Trade and Models

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DataM is a tool for collecting and managing the most relevant datasets available worldwide on Agriculture, Trade and related Models. It supports the work of analysts and modellers, who need data from different sources (Eurostat, FAO, World Bank etc.). The difficulty in combining data from various data providers lies in the lack of homogeneity of the format (nomenclature, units of measure, etc.) and different release calendar.

To overcome the above-mentioned issues, DataM provides:
A unique access point for all the data from many different sources; and
A harmonized format to facilitate the comparisons between data sources.
Over the years, within a public-private partnership with Prognoz, an IT company specialised in Business Intelligence solutions, and in collaboration with Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development in the context of iMap, DataM has known a gradual increase in use and contents (in terms of data and solutions). Furthermore, the user community expanded from internal users within the JRC to users in other Commission services (DG AGRI, DG ESTAT, DG DEVCO, etc.). As from 2013, the tool has been adopted also by the African Development Bank and several of its member countries, within the framework of a collaboration agreement between the JRC and this international organisation.
Originally focused mainly on agriculture and agricultural policies, DataM is currently in expansion phase by including data sources related to other research areas. For example, DataM will be used by researchers working on bioeconomy (by including data on other biomass-based economic sectors such as fisheries, forestry bio-based industries etc.) and food security (by including data on nutritional and development policies issues).
In 2014, the computer application DataM, available upon licence, has been complemented with a web application, DataMweb: providing to a wider audience this web portal where the most relevant data of different sectors of the economy is harmonised and made available. Furthermore, DataMweb offers a powerful kit of reporting tools for search and visualisation and a rich set of predefined reports.