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DataM - Data portal of Agro-economic Modelling

DataM is the Internet complement to JRC scientific output relating to the economics of agriculture.


DataM aims to promote the communication of JRC scientific results in the area of agro-economics through the use of the web and of interactive data visualisations.

DataM also aims to provide access to the raw datasets produced by the JRC's agro-economic research activities, in line with the JRC's open data principles.


The economic aspects of agriculture encompass several areas, such as trade and productivity in agriculture, agricultural technologies (GMOs, fertilisers, etc.), the bioeconomy, climate change, food security, nutrition, developing countries, farm structure and rural development.

In DataM you will find factsheets and data about these and other related scientific domains.

When necessary, DataM gives references to other JRC scientific tools or websites of partners involved in similar themes from different angles.

DataM was developed in the context of the integrated Modelling Platform for Agro-economic Commodity and Policy Analysis (iMAP).


Scientific activities related to DataM are typically developed in partnership with European Commission Directorates-General (DGs) that deal with, or are impacted by, related policy questions. These Directorates-General are typically: Agriculture and Rural Development, International Cooperation and Development, Research and Innovation, Trade, Climate Action, Health and Food Safety

Interactive infographics

The interactive infographics on this website are usually associated with a JRC Scientific Report or a scientific article about agro-economics, but they may also have been expressly developed for this site.

The typical DataM visualisation summarises the results of an economic model that was run for a scientific study, and allows for the interactive analysis of the underlying data.


DataM includes a data-warehouse section that guides users in the download of raw agro-economic datasets in universal CSV format.

Datasets are generally original JRC output, sometimes underlying a scientific publication (e.g. model results), sometimes produced by others and disseminated through this site.


DataM uses modern business intelligence (BI) software technologies and data-science techniques to synthetize cumbersome models results or manage big scientific datasets, which are typical of the agro-economic sector. The aim is to show the key facts emerging from the numbers, in order to allow the final users to analyse the data from their own perspectives.


DataM is a public internet media tool whose contents are derived mainly from published scientific literature. However, it can also contain restricted items limited to working groups within the European Commission and/or with external scientific partners. This is, for example, the case of data that is still under development or subject to a license. To access limited contents, users need to be authorised by creating an EU login account. Access rights are managed by