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European SDG Handbook
Feb 11 2020

A new European Handbook for SDG Voluntary Local Reviews offers to policy makers, researchers and practitioners an inspirational framework to set up Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs).

VLRs are a fundamental instrument to monitor progresses and sustain the transformative and inclusive action of local actors towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Soil erosion by water has a huge impact on soil productivity
May 23 2019

A recent JRC study finds that soil erosion by water costs the world economy about US$8,000,000,000 (eight billion US dollars) a year.

This lost soil reduces global agri-food production by 33.7 million tonnes, leading to increases of up to 3.5% in world food prices, and widens the competitive gap on world agri-food markets.

Jan 25 2017

Changes in climate are already having wide-ranging impacts on ecosystems, the economy and on human health and well-being in Europe, according to the report ‘Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016’, launched today by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Nov 17 2016

Adopting a technique that was already used in the case of 2011 Japan tsunami, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission estimated the uplift of the Earth's crust which occurred as a consequence of the Mw. 7.8 earthquake of 13 November 2016. The measurements indicate that earth level increased at about 95 cm since the earthquake event. This information is needed to validate or confirm seismic deformation models of the crust rupture. The JRC scientists have assessed the sea level data in order to measure the crust deformation in the 3 points where the sea level was measured.

Apr 01 2016

A recently published JRC report investigates the trends and impacts of past and future meteorological drought events in Europe, and the implications of a projected drier future for southern Europe and a wetter future for northern Europe.

Feb 05 2016

A recently published JRC article describes a new method to assess and predict the economic and physical damages caused by droughts. The tool could help policymakers develop drought management practices that would help improve food and energy security and adapt to climate change.

Sep 18 2015

The JRC technical report ‘Forest Fires in Europe, Middle East and North Africa 2014’ has been released today. This is the 15th issue of the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) annual report on forest fires, produced by the JRC in collaboration with the national fire services of the 40 countries that make up the EFFIS network.

Aug 24 2015

JRC scientists have supported the European Commission's Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO) with information and analysis on the flood crisis in Myanmar/Burma which followed a period of unusually heavy precipitation starting mid-July. By the beginning of August the country began to experience the most severe flooding in decades, while heavy rainfall continued during the first half of the month.


ECHO Daily Map of 6 August 2015, including GloFAS forecast

Aug 27 2014

The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) is actively helping the European Commission's Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) monitor two forest fires currently raging in Greece. It forecasts that the fire danger will remain very high for the next two days, reaching extreme values by tomorrow, Thursday 28 August, but will decrease thereafter.

Aug 12 2014

Between October 2013 and July 2014, despite abundant rainfall in most of Europe, the south-eastern Iberian Peninsula (the Murcia and Valencia regions, and eastern Andalucía) was affected by mean and long-term precipitation deficits, leading to significant soil moisture deficits. In the same period, temporary rainfall shortages occurred also in France, Germany and Belgium, but their possible effects were likely insignificant due to subsequent rainfall events.