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Jul 01 2020

The RHOMOLO model has been used to evaluate the macroeconomic impact associated with the Research and Innovation (R&I) targets declared by regional and national policy makers in the context of Smart Specialisation. The positive effects on GDP materialise via productivity improvements and depend on how ambitious the regional R&I targets are.

Mar 25 2020

The ex-ante impact assessment of the EU cohesion policy in Poland carried out with the RHOMOLO model indicates that, by the end of the 2014-20 programming period, Polish GDP would be 3.5% higher thanks to the cohesion policy investments, with substantial long-run effects (GDP would be 0.6% above the baseline forty years after the end of the policy).

Feb 06 2020

A new dataset on distance and time related transport costs for the EU regions is now freely available for download on the European Commission’s Science Hub.

The regional transport costs dataset

The main information contained in the dataset is the estimated average cost of road freight transport between and within NUTS-2 regions, alongside more basic variables such as the average geodesic distance, and the average time and distance travelled by road.

Jan 24 2020

A recently published JRC analysis carried out in collaboration with DG GROW provides a quantitative assessment of the impact of reducing barriers in regulated business services sectors and construction.

Oct 17 2019

What will be the economic impact of the Grand Paris Express? A JRC analysis, by assuming a combined 1% increase in labour productivity and a 1% increase in accessibility due to this large mobility infrastructure project, estimates positive GDP effects not only in France, but also in the rest of the EU.

Oct 08 2019

A recent JRC study focuses on the sources of the backlash over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and analyses the public opinion on free trade and, specifically, on the TTIP using data from Eurobarometers 82.3 (2014), 84.3 (2015), and 85.3 (2016) for the 28 EU Member States.

Sep 19 2019

A recently published JRC technical report showcases a number of analyses carried out with the RHOMOLO-IO model for policies of interest of, among others, DG EMPL, DG GROW, and DG MOVE.

Apr 29 2019

A recently published JRC analysis carried out in collaboration with DG RTD provides a quantitative assessment of the impact of the Horizon Europe programme in the European Union.

Job automation
Apr 09 2019

A recently published JRC analysis in the OECD Regional Outlook 2019 provides a quantitative assessment of the impact of job automation on the regional economies of the European Union.