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TrainMiC® reaches out to 45 participants in Tunisia

TrainMiC® participants in Tunisia TrainMiC® participants in Tunisia
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Jun 26 2014

In total, 45 practitioners of analytical science participated; covering sectors such as environment, food, clinical and industry.

Some of the participants also act as technical assessors for the Tunisian Accreditation Council. The workshop took place at the National Institute for Research and Physical - Chemical Analysis (INRAP) - the Tunisian designated institute for chemical metrology - Ariana, Tunisia (18-20 June, 2014).

The participants highly valued the course and they appreciated the interactive pedagogic approach. Interpretation was provided with some of the lectures being given in French, some in English. A voting system proved very effective for entrance and exit tests, with participants being able to get immediate feedback on their scores.

Tunisia is a country which is covered under the European Neighbourhood Policy and negotiates with the EU to obtain Agreements on Conformity Assessment to align the legislative system and quality infrastructure with that of the EU. Accreditation is a critical part of the EU quality infrastructure. Many Tunisian laboratories are seeking accreditation and struggle with interpreting the technical requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The JRC-IRMM TrainMiC® programme, originally created to assist with EU enlargement, specifically addresses how to interpret these requirements for chemical and bio-analysis.

As a means of sustaining and spreading the knowledge transferred within Tunisia, there will be a selection of potential trainers to be invited to a future "Training of Trainers" event and a strong desire exists to create a Tunisian TrainMiC® team.