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EURL ECVAM training on modern toxicological sciences

EURL ECVAM visit by students from the Karolinska Institute
May 31 2016

On 18-19 May 2016 EURL ECVAM ran a training course on "Basic knowledge in modern toxicological sciences" designed for students of Master’s programmes of Toxicology. 

23 students from 12 different countries participated in the course which provided them with a unique opportunity to learn about the most recent developments in the research and development of non-animal methods and approaches for toxicology that can serve the regulatory safety assessment of all kinds of chemicals that we encounter in our daily lives. The course was also a great occasion for this future generation of international toxicologists to network with their peers and the scientific staff of EURL ECVAM, through for example interactive poster sessions and an educational game based around Adverse Outcome Pathways.

The majority of participating students are currently enrolled at the Karolinska Institute of Environmental Medicine (Stockholm, Sweden) – and the feedback from them has been very positive. "It was an excellent platform to explore new things, new areas of research. I got a very good opportunity to motivate myself for future research work, having the regulatory aspect in mind", said one enthusiastic student, while another commented that, "This was really a great event. It covered all the topics that are relevant and also introduced lots of new information that I am not so familiar with, for instance, the life cycle assessment of chemicals. It was informative, really well prepared."