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Revised tracking system for alternative testing methods – the new TSAR now available online

Dec 16 2016

The Joint Research Centre's EU Reference Laboratory for Alternative to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) has entirely revamped  its  Tracking System for Alternative methods towards Regulatory acceptance (TSAR), recently launched at the Commission’s scientific conference on “Non-animal Approaches-The way Forward” held on 6-7 December in Brussels. The revised TSAR provides enhanced visibility of the progress a test method makes from first being proposed for validation through to its eventual acceptance for regulatory safety and efficacy testing of chemicals or biological agents. TSAR includes summary descriptions of individual methods and all available records associated with different steps of the validation and acceptance process.

TSAR disseminates information on test methods not only under consideration by EURL ECVAM but by all member and observer organisations of the International Collaboration on Alternative Testing Methods (ICATM) representing the EU, Canada, USA, Republic of Korea, Japan, Brazil and China.