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Students from the Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network (BNEN) Students from the Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network (BNEN)
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Apr 03 2014

Traditionally the focus of nuclear engineering has been on the safety of nuclear installations, whereas nowadays it is broadening in line with the international initiative on a holistic safety, security and safeguards ("3S") concept for nuclear energy.

The advanced course dealt with safeguards (nuclear materials control), and covered all important areas of safeguards such as: basic nuclear theory, nuclear measurement techniques for nuclear material control, and (inter)national legislation on non-proliferation.

The Nuclear Safeguards course is part of the BNEN education scheme. BNEN, the Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network, is a master-after-master academic programme in nuclear engineering, organised through a consortium of six Belgian universities and SCK•CEN. It is open for students that hold a university degree in engineering or equivalent. The nuclear safeguards course is an advanced course of 2 ECTS lasting 5 full days.

Promoting excellence in education and skills development is a major request in the Europe 2020 Flagship Initiatives "Innovation Union" and “Youth on the Move” and directly supporting the Council Conclusions on the need for skills in the nuclear field (Brussels 01/12/2008). Attracting new students and broadening their knowledge is of major relevance in times where the number of nuclear university students is insufficient and a significant fraction of nuclear graduates is not entering the nuclear field.

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