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Predominantly good conditions for winter cereals

The mild winter has created good conditions for the development of winter and spring crops
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Mar 22 2016

The latest JRC MARS Bulletin on Crop monitoring in Europe, published 21 March 2016, finds that winter crops are well advanced in most of Europe due to the mild winter.

In general, prospects for the new season are promising. At this stage of the season the yield forecasts are based on the historical trend or average values.

Eastern European countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova) and Turkey experienced a particularly milder-than-usual end to the winter. This thermal anomaly is not critical per-se, but prompted the de-hardening of crops, thus making them vulnerable to possible late frost-kill damages. Since the beginning of February, southern Spain and Portugal have been facing a rain deficit.  This comes at a moment of increasing water demand as crop canopies are reaching maximum expansion. Northern Italy has experienced a rainfall surplus since mid-February. A similar situation is found in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, where a significant rainfall surplus has been recorded since mid-January and winter crops are locally suffering from water logging; possible impacts will be visible in the coming weeks.

Areas of concern - Extreme wheather events
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MARS crop monitoring Bulletin Vol. 24 No. 3