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No major constraints on winter crops

Despite cold conditions in central and eastern Europe, protective snow cover has helped limit frost-kill damage to winter cereals in many areas.
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Feb 20 2017

According to the February issue of the JRC MARS crop monitoring bulletin for Europe, this winter is finishing with no major constraints to winter crops. 

Rain would be welcomed in large parts of southern Germany, southern Sweden, the Czech Republic and the Baltic countries, to restore soil water reserves and groundwater as spring approaches. These regions have recorded a persistent rain deficit, with less than 10 mm of precipitation during the analysis period. Nevertheless, these dry conditions generally do not present an immediate concern for crops.

Frost-kill damage remains limited despite a persistent cold spell throughout January in central and eastern Europe, which has led to minimum temperatures of around -15°C, and reaching values below -20°C in many areas.

On the basis of the weather forecast, no further frost-kill events are expected before 22 February 2017.

Further information

JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe – February 2017