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Yield outlook predominantly positive, drought concerns for Spain

Jun 18 2014

The latest MARS Crop Monitoring Bulletin, published today, reports an overall positive outlook for EU-28 crop yields: above the 5-year average and close to 2013 yields - with only minor changes compared to the May forecasts.

The yield outlook for soft wheat is 4.2% above the 5-year average, and is particularly good for Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and the UK, as well as for Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Portugal. The outlook for durum wheat is slightly below the 5-year average, mainly due to suboptimal performance in Italy. For barley, the overall forecast is just above the 5-year average (but below the excellent levels of 2013) as the high yields expected for Romania, Hungary and several smaller producers are practically offset by the particularly poor forecast for Spain, the EU’s largest barley producer. The outlook for rape seed is positive for all major EU producers, except the Czech Republic. For grain maize, sunflowers, sugar beet and potatoes, most forecasts are still early estimates, but the overall above-average figures indicate a promising start for these crops.