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JRC organises 19th International Conference on Radionuclide Metrology and its Applications

ICRM logo 2013
Jun 19 2013

The International Committee for Radionuclide Metrology (ICRM) is an association of radionuclide metrology laboratories whose membership is composed of delegates of specialised laboratories together with other scientists (associate members) actively engaged in the study and applications of radioactivity.

It serves as the  international forum for the dissemination of information on techniques related to radionuclide analysis. The goal of ICRM 2013 is to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information on the development of techniques and new applications of radionuclide metrology, and to encourage international cooperation in this field. This biennial conference was last held in September 2011 in Tsukuba, Japan.

This year the conference is organised by the EC-JRC-IRMM and is held at the Congress Centre Elzenveld in Antwerp, Belgium. It was opened on Monday, 17th June and will last until Friday, 21st June. Besides attending an ambitious scientific programme including a special session on science-based advice to policy-makers with speakers from the European Commission and from the US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), participants will also have the opportunity to visit the radionuclide and other laboratories of the EC-JRC-IRMM in Geel. ICRM 2013 is attended by 160 participants from a large number of countries worldwide.

Radionuclide metrology continues to play an important role in the nuclear industry, supporting activities such as radionuclide production, nuclear medicine, measurement of environmental radioactivity and of radionuclides in food and drinking water, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, nuclear security and emergency preparedness, nuclear physics research, etc. Papers presented at the ICRM 2013 conference cover the metrological aspects pertaining to many of these fields.