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JRC-ITU supporting Nuclear Safeguard Developments of the IAEA

JRC-ITU IAEA Nuclear Safeguard Support JRC-ITU IAEA Nuclear Safeguard Support
Jul 10 2014

IAEA Safeguards expert David Amaraggi visited the Analytical Service (AS) of JRC-ITU on July 2nd and 3rd, 2014. He is tasked with the commissioning of the new nuclear material laboratory (NML) of IAEA in Seibersdorf, the key element of the ECAS project. His visit had three main objectives:  to share experience on nuclear infrastructure such as glove box construction and operation, radioactive waste handling, to discuss new analytical methodologies for safeguards operations and to provide JRC-ITU with an overview of R&D needs of IAEA for future safeguards requirements.  
In addition a new task for enhancing the capabilities of the COMPUCEA technique for UF6 samples analyses has been finalized.
A semi-automated sample preparation unit (ASU) for chemical separation of U, Pu and fission products has been introduced during his visit into a glove box for hot commissioning. ASU is the result of collaboration between IAEA and JRC-ITU.
During his presentation Mr Amaraggi expressed his gratitude for the support of JRC-ITU, towards the efforts of IAEA in safeguarding nuclear activities worldwide.