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JRC-IRMM develops and releases new GMO certified reference materials

Young corn
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Nov 23 2015

The JRC released a new GMO (genetically modified organism) certified reference material (CRM) to be used by GMO testing laboratories to analyse the GMO maize VCO-Ø1981-5 product in food and feeding stuff.

The European Union regulates the marketing of food or feed containing GMOs. GMO food and feed products require authorisation and need to be labelled if they contain GMOs above a defined threshold laid down in (EC) No 1829/2003 and (EC) No 619/2011). For correct labelling, certified reference materials (CRMs) and validated GMO quantification methods need to be made available. The JRC-Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) is a leading reference material producer and specialises in the production of GMO- CRMs, which are suitable for the calibration of such methods.

Recently, the JRC-IRMM expanded its portfolio of 28 GMO CRMs for different modifications, with a CRM for the GMO maize VCO-Ø1981-5. The CRM was produced on request of the Biotech Company, Genective SA (FR) which sought authorisation of its GMO invention for the EU food and feed market. The CRM with the code ERM-BF438 will enable GMO testing laboratories to measure VCO-Ø1981-5 maize in food and feed products and to implement the EU legislation on labelling, which will allow consumers in the EU to choose between GMO-containing and non-GMO-containing food products.

Besides the reference material, two other important elements need to be fulfilled by the Biotech Company before authorisation for the EU market can be granted: method validation and a risk assessment, demonstrating that no indications for adverse effects are found.