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JRC Convention marks 10th anniversary of TrainMiC®

Oct 11 2011

TrainMiC® teaches how to interpret metrological requirements for chemical and bio-analytical measurements, with applications in many different sectors, such as environment, food and consumer protection. The programme is active in almost 20 countries and is set to grow further, with new national training teams announced for Belarus, Ireland, Lithuania and Belgium. 

Under the TrainMiC® programme, over 6 500 people across Europe have received advanced training in chemical measurements and testing. 

The learning programme fits directly with the market's needs. Employers increasingly require laboratory staff to work according to the main international standard used by testing and calibration laboratories, known as ISO/IEC-17025. Both the European Federation of Chemical Industries (CEFIC) and the High Level Group on the Competitiveness of the Chemicals Industry have identified training and education as a top strategic initiative.

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