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JRC-ITU at the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Forensics

A view on the conference participants: front row part of the JRC delegation (from the left) C. Venchiarutti (JRC-IRMM), D. Ho Mer Lin and J. Krajko (JRC-ITU). Photo: IAEA
Jul 21 2014

On 7-10 July 2014 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) organised an international conference exclusively dedicated, for the first time, to the area of nuclear forensics. Some 400 experts from 85 countries and 10 international organisations gathered in Vienna to discuss a wide range of aspects such as general concepts, analytical methods, law enforcement, operations, capacity building, cooperation and training. JRC-ITU has been involved in nuclear forensics for more than two decades now.  The vast experience in nuclear forensic case work (nuclear material intercepted from almost 50 incidents occurring in Member States have been investigated in JRC-ITU’s laboratories in Karlsruhe), the leading position in research and development work, the unique training facilities and the cooperative capacity building programs were key inputs of JRC-ITU to the conference. The scientists delivered 3 invited papers, gave 7 presentations and displayed 3 posters. Moreover, JRC-ITU chaired the programme committee of the conference and the Institute Director, Prof. Fangh√§nel chaired a session and participated in a panel discussion.

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