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Good EU-28 cereal yields and outlook

Jul 21 2014

The overall EU-28 cereal yield forecast for 2014 is favourable, at the level of last year and above the average of the past five years (by 4.4%).

While overall growth conditions continued to be favourable and yield outlooks are positive, there are a few regions of concern. The Baltic countries and Finland experienced a chilly period that negatively affected final yields. In the Iberian Peninsula, the persistent rain deficit in the southern regions and in Castilla y Leon is starting to affect the vegetative growth of all summer crops, apart from those that are irrigated.

Frequent rain events characterised the weather between mid-June and mid-July in France, Germany, Italy and on the eastern Adriatic coast. The plentiful rainfall of the first half of July replenished the soil moisture and provided beneficial conditions for summer crops, but also delayed and interrupted the harvesting of the first winter cereals.