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First full session dedicated to safeguards inspection and evaluation: JRC scientists at ESARDA workshop

Apr 09 2014

Two dedicated ESARDA workshops, hosted by Euratom Safeguards and the IAEA respectively, succeeded in bringing closer together experts and young professionals from communities that usually do not exchange on a regular basis, increasing the understanding based on metrological principles and the Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM) between different approaches in uncertainty estimation for Destructive (DA) and Non Destructive Analysis (NDA), including the essential role of reference materials.

For the first time a full session was dedicated to safeguards inspection and evaluation. This exchange on standardisation, advance and harmonisation in research and development between safeguards, industry and measurement communities, with a main emphasis on knowledge transfer, is directly supporting the Council conclusions on the need for skills in the nuclear field (15406/08; 16577/08 (Presse 354). Under the lead of JRC-IRMM the detailed workshop reports were issued, providing summaries of the discussions held during the workshops and recommendations arising from the workshops. They may be downloaded from the ESARDA website:

The JRC actively supports the European Safeguards Research and Development Association (ESARDA), comprised of European organisations with the main objective to assist the European safeguards community with the advancement of safeguards, enhancing the efficiency of systems, as well as investigating how new techniques can be developed and implemented, furthermore to fulfil an educational role and to reach the general public.

The reports of the workshops can be downloaded here.