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EURL ECVAM is inviting public comments on its recommendation on the Zebrafish Embryo Acute Toxicity Test Method

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May 23 2014

The European Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) is inviting public comments on its latest recommendation concerning the Zebrafish Embryo Acute Toxicity Test Method (ZFET). The draft recommendation is available for download below.

The reproducibility of ZFET was assessed in the OECD validation study coordinated by EURL ECVAM, whereas its predictive capacity was evaluated in a retrospective analysis of existing acute fish embryo toxicity data and acute fish toxicity data (Belanger et al, 2012; 2013).

The present recommendation outlines the principles of the ZFET, its overall performance and possible limitations. It makes recommendations on the use of the ZFET for generating information on acute fish toxicity, thus avoiding the use of juvenile or adult fish.

The ZFET is described in OECD TG 236 "Fish embryo acute toxicity (FET) test" (OECD 2013).

Comments on the draft recommendation should be forwarded to no later than 30 June 2014.

EURL_ECVAM_RECOMMENDATION_ZFET for public commenting_2014-05-21.pdf