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Early call for participation in Reimep-22

Nuclear safeguards
Jun 27 2013

JRC-IRMM announces the forthcoming REIMEP*-22 interlaboratory comparison "U Age Dating - Determination of the production date of a uranium certified test sample" and invites laboratories to participate.

REIMEP-22 aims at determining the production date (i.e. the date of the last chemical separation) by measuring the amount ratio n(230Th)/n(234U) or activity ratio A(230Th)/A(234U), and, if desired, n(231Pa)/n(235U) or A(231Pa)/A(235U) in the certified test sample.

Participants in REIMEP-22 will receive a 20 mg and/or a 50 mg of low-enriched uranium sample (~ 4%) in solid uranyl-nitrate form. The 20 mg sample will be used for the spectrometric technique and the 50 mg sample – for the radiometric technique.

The participation fee for REIMEP-22 is € 1000 per sample (including sample dispatch). The deadline for registration is 1st October 2013.

For further information please go to the REIMEP-22 page.

*Regular European Interlaboratory Measurement Evaluation Programme (REIMEP)