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Despite weather anomalies yield outlook is positive

Map of europe showing weather anomalies Weather anomalies May 2014
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May 15 2014

The latest JRC Crop Monitoring Bulletin, published yesterday, reports contrasting and unusual weather conditions in large areas of Europe. The yield outlook is generally positive, however,


Above-average temperatures prevailed over large regions of Europe during April. Wetter-than-usual conditions were observed especially over the Balkans, whereas drier-than-usual conditions affected large areas of western and north-eastern Europe.

Conditions were generally beneficial in central and eastern Europe. In the United Kingdom and Germany soil moisture levels were mostly sufficient to support the water demand of winter crops. The situation in the eastern regions of France is more critical: since the beginning of March, little significant rainfall has occurred. Dry and warm conditions in Spain and the southern Benelux are not affecting crop growth yet, but any precipitation in the near future would be beneficial. Rain surpluses in the Balkan region have not significantly affected crops. Precipitation has been scarce and scattered in Turkey and Cyprus since November, with negative effects on winter cereals.

In general, the current prospects for EU-28 yields are above the 5-years average and the forecast for total cereals increased compared to our last Bulletin reflecting the generally good growth conditions.


MARS Bulletin Vol.22 No.5 (Crop Monitoring in Europe – 12 May 2014)