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COVID-19 media surveillance - 10 September 2020

COVID-19 media surveillance - 10 September 2020 - Geolocations mentioned in coronavirus media reports showing clusters of media reports on Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Russia, India and China
Geolocations mentioned in coronavirus media reports showing clusters of media reports
Sep 11 2020

This media surveillance collects articles reported through publicly available web sites.

It is created with the Europe Media Monitor (EMM).

The selection and placement of stories are determined automatically by a computer program.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) remains a mayor news topic, with 80 thousand articles per day on Wednesday (in 70 languages, as detected by MEDISYS).



The following news were found among the most mentioned/retweeted items:

  • "'Play it down': Trump admits to concealing the true threat of coronavirus in new Woodward book" (cnn)
  • "Sturgis motorcycle rally is now linked to more than 250,000 coronavirus cases. One study estimates the public health cost of the super-spreading event is near $12 billion. " (motherjones)
  • "Church leader who called coronavirus punishment for "evil" of same-sex marriage has COVID-19" (cbsnews)
  • "Social gatherings above six banned in England from 14 September" (bbc)
  • "Emails show HHS official trying to muzzle Fauci" (politico)

The hashtag #trumpknew was trending due to Bob Woodward’s new book "Rage" (nytimes).

The hashtag #astrazena was trending after the temporary pause of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine had been announced.

The most mentioned English sources were CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, New York Post, Politico and Mother Jones.

El Diario, RT (Spanish Version) and La Nación, and Le Monde and Le Parisien were among the most mentioned Spanish and French sources, respectively.

Fact Check

  • Fact checkers debunk claims circulating on social media that the mortality figures from the summer prove that the pandemic is over, reporting that even if mortality figures have been limited since May, the virus has been circulating more and more for several weeks (lemondelesdecodeurs).
  • Fact checkers debunk claims circulating on social media, retweeted, among others, by US President Donald Trump, that a new report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that only six per cent of so-called COVID-19 deaths were caused solely by the virus with the other 94 per cent having underlying medical conditions. Fact checkers report that, according to experts, the CDC data shows 94 per cent of COVID-19 victims had at least one additional factor as well as COVID-19 contributing to their death (aapfactcheck).
  • Fact checkers debunk claims that coronavirus nose swabs can damage the blood-brain barrier, reporting that T the brain has lots of layers of protection and the blood-brain barrier cannot be reached by a nose swab (
  • German fact checkers debunk claims that doctors are paid to list COVID-19 as the cause of death in their patients’ death certificates, reporting that, according to their investigation, doctors do not have any incentive to do so (correctiv).
  • Fact checkers debunk claims that data from the World Integrated Trade Solutions website shows that Covid-19 testing kits were being bought and sold by countries long before the pandemic, reporting that the data shows imports and exports of general testing kits which have since been classified as for COVID-19 during the pandemic (fullfact).
  • Fact checkers debunk a video in which a self-identified doctor claims that COVID-19 is part of a mass extermination program aimed at depopulating more than 80 per cent of the global population (afpfactual).

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