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Contrasting end-of-season weather conditions for latest crop forecast in Europe

Map of Europe showing areas of rain surplus and rain deficit Contrasting weather conditions in Europe
©EU, 2016
Oct 24 2016

The overall cereal yield forecast at the EU-28 level of the September bulletin is maintained, and remains below the five-year average, with delays to summer crops harvesting and winter sowing manageable.

The forecast for EU-28 grain maize was revised slightly downwards, whereas the forecasts for potato, sugar beet and sunflower crops were revised slightly upwards.

This analysis period was marked by contrasting weather conditions. Among the outstanding weather phenomena were the persistent dry conditions, which in France marked the end of a difficult season. These conditions also hampered the sowing of winter cereals in France, western Germany and the Benelux countries due to overly dry seedbeds, and negatively impacted emergence.

By contrast, heavy rains in the first half of October are responsible for a marked rain surplus in Poland and south-eastern Europe. These rains somewhat delayed part of the harvest of grain maize and the sowing of winter cereals in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, but benefited the emergence of earlier sown winter crops.

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MARS bulletin Vol 24 no. 10 October 2016